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Welcome on SalsaFuriosa

On this site, you will be able to find there more than 60,000 photographs on nearly 500 events about the salsa music and dance, in Paris, in France and also in the world.

These photographs are classified by place and date, but you can also find certain photographs of people company or group via Research.

You can also write a comment under the photograph if you want to express an opinion since it is not insulting, or to announce me the first name or the nickname of one of the people on this photograph. That will help me much myself and my team to help to put names on the faces, and will improve by the same occasion the results of research.

Unfortunately, an accumulation of worries caused a very important delay on the publication of the recent albums. Also please be lenient and patient about it, the events photographed will be published little by little.

While waiting, you can consult the older albums all the same, to revive good memories for one, or to give you the desire for discovering this passion which makes you enjoy as much with the legs than with the ears.

-- DejaVu

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